The mission of Black History Enterprises is to highlight & preserve the history and experiences of people of African descent through various forms of media, arts, entertainment, and education.


Our vision is to re-instill into people of African descent a sense of self-confidence, culture, wisdom, and spirituality that people of Africa were once envied for and have since been systemically deprived of through slavery, colonization, neo-colonialism, and political divisiveness.


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Yerodin Ghedi Adwin Beluchi,


Black History Enterprises was introduced by Yerodin Ghedi Adwin Beluchi b.k.a. Preech da GodBody in July of 2016 after making a vow to himself to take on the responsibility of playing a role in portraying positive images of black people of Afrikan descent. Preech da GodBody is an entrepreneur, a spoken word artist, hip-hop artist, an activist, and a humanitarian, as well as a digital designer. Born in Pensacola, Florida, as Jordan Nichols, Preech da GodBody is currently located in the Houston Metro area.