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The Georgia Youth Artist Collective is a non-profit project to assist the youth with developing their communicative, business, creative writing, and live performance skills, while providing them with the knowledge and tools they will need to become successful in their aspiring career fields in the workforce by implementing a career services program within the collective, in which we plan to assist the youth with job opportunities and business skills.


We also plan to have a Youth Entrepreneurs Club and a yearly "Career Day", introducing the youth to professionals working in their aspiring work fields. We also plan to get the youth involved in physical activity such as team sports and exercises, as well as mind-exercising board games, such as chess, checkers, and monopoly. We would also like to take the youth on exciting and educational field trips and provide them with opportunities to volunteer. 

The principal place of business and administrative office will be located in Macon, Georgia, as we are striving to reach the youth in both the Macon, GA and Atlanta, GA area, as well as other surrounding cities in the state of Georgia.