Learn practical SEO principles, tactics and concepts from Zhelinrentice L. Scott (the SEO Queen) to start generating the results and exposure you want from your small business marketing online.


Are you struggling to: 
•Understand how search engines work?
•Beat your competitors’ rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo?
•Generate qualified traffic for your products, services or solutions? 
•Increase awareness and market share of what you offer online?
•Monetize your website and leverage Google’s Algorithms?

If you answered YES to at least 3 of the questions above, then " SEO Training in 2017: Search Engine Optimization for Small Business" is the seo book for you. 
This unique practical guide is packed with powerful and effective exercises and activities for you to apply on your website to prove to yourself that what Zhe shares in her book – works.
No fluff. No spin. No padding…just real, practical, solid SEO information and advice that guarantees to help improve your rankings while mastering seo.

In " SEO Training 2017: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing for Small Business" you will learn:

•What a search is and what it is not
•How to leverage News results to beat your competitor’s rankings
•How to leverage image results to get more exposure for your products online
•5 quick steps to Master video marketing to improve your SEO results 
•Powerful and practical Geo targeting methods that can greatly help retail businesses
•Why a PULL approach can be 520% more effective than a PUSH approach with SEO
•Which keywords prospects are typing into google to find your competitors
•The best keywords that can turn your website into a client magnet
•Discover the power of long tail keywords and how they can improve conversions by 150% or more
•How to track every single online promotion and campaign you do online
•How to adapt for each SEO algorithm update to ensure your website is never penalised.
•The power of anchor text and how to pull hungry pre-qualified buyers to your site
•8 of the most powerful social media strategies that help buyers find and engage with you
•Learn how to build your very best backlinks to boost your website’s visibility. 
In " SEO Training in 2017: Search Engine Optimization for Small Business" you will also learn how to:
•Save time and man hours with vital keyword research to find SEO opportunities 
•Improve efficiency and ROI by taking control of your own SEO marketing and not 3rd party suppliers 
•Generate more visibility online with 12 powerful on page tactics you can immediately use on your site
•Improve Cash flow & Profitability reducing or eliminating unnecessary online marketing costs
•Grow Your Business Online by running multiple SEO campaigns for multiple pages and websites

Still Not Sure? Then ask yourself: Are you happy with...
•The current Return on Investment from your website? 
•your existing SEO rankings on the search engines? 
•the level of sales, and revenue that you're generating from your website? 
•Your current market share and findability locally, nationally or internationally online?

If you answered NO to any of these, then start to grow your business online with this seo guide book NOW.



For more info, visit: theseoqueen.net/pre-order-landing-page/

SEO Training in 2017

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