Why did I detox before my birthday?

Hello My beautiful blog family and Happy July! Cancer season is in full swing and I am excited to be celebrating another year in this realm.

If you have followed my youtube page, or my snapchat (nattyhappee), then you know that I not only started but posted results of my detox cleanses online. I know you have been hearing the "buzz" about how great it was to cleanse and flush your system out. I fell for the hype, and I too began to cleanse.

I ordered my cleanses from the website HealThySelf360.com. I followed Ms. Melinated Beauty and her instructions and began my journey to cleanse. My choice was the Trini Cleanse which consisted of the 13 Parasite Detox, the 360 Full Body Detox, and the Metal Detox. The results? Well, let me break it down for you.

When I first started I was very excited. I knew that I wanted to kick my "sweet tooth", and become a better Vegan. I knew that I had way too many processed foods and wanted better for myself. I was nervous about the 13 Parasite Cleanse because I saw Youtube videos of people who said they actually saw the Parasites in their stool. I for one did not want to see that, but I was curious to see if I had any in my body as well. The result? As shown in my youtube "results" video(naturaleehappee on youtube). I lost weight, was happy, and made it through the 10 days without seeing one parasite. It doesn't mean I didn't have any, it just means I never saw them. Then again, I was Vegetarian for 9 years, and then turned Vegan for 3 so I may not have been in the same category as the other people I saw on youtube.

Second detox cleanse..was the 360 full body! Well, the rules were that the cleanses were 10 days each and if you had more than one, you had to wait 1-2 weeks before starting the next one. My second cleanse did not go as smooth as the first cleanse. Why? I had gained back 5 pounds and was upset. I was still eating according to the given menu with the exception of going back to my breakfast. ( I love breakfast when I have time to actually eat it!) Breakfast was not on the menu at all and that was a pain to me. So, I was in a less enthusiastic mood to begin with, then I forgot to take a pill for 2 of the 10 days. I didn't forget the whole day mind you, I had just forgotten to take my pills to work.( The pills were 3 times a day for 10 days) Now I am not a "pill" person, so this also proved to put a damper on my spirit. The results? Not as much weight loss as the first time, but more energy and an interest in doing alternative activities besides cardio. I opted to buy the Wii game with about 5 dance games, along with Wii fit, Wii Zumba, and I had a new Gazelle machine from the first time.

So, all seemed to be going well right? Nope! Let me tell you why. I waited another 2 weeks to begin my third and last detox which was the Metal cleanse. My energy was/is still at 9, but I had no desire to follow the given menu as I couldn't understand why some of my favorite things were restricted.(ex. no almond milk, no oats, no spinach, no brown rice) My annoyance was amplified as I did research online and found articles of the people from the "biggest loser" show who had lost weight and gained it back. They all had formed some sort of imbalance to their metabolism from doing the show with such a restricted amount of calories on them in order to lose. With me losing and gaining and also being on a "menu", I started to wonder if I too was "messing up my metabolism". I also did a self experiment during the second detox to see if it was the restriction that had caused me to lose weight, or the detox. It was the restriction!

Now that I am finished, (and the day before my birthday) I can tell you what I learned. A couple of months ago I did a podcast with my co-host on Blab.IM. The name of the show was called "Where is the Beef?" You can catch a replay of that show on my youtube channel as well. In that show we touched bases on how Americans eat, health, going Vegetarian, going Vegan, and just eating healthy. The key is to eat right, not to eat extemely less. I learned from detoxing, and the show, to monitor what I eat, how much I put on my plate, and to lay off the sweets! I also learned that if you want anything to be a Life change and not a diet, then you have to be ready to change the things that was making you unhappy in the first place. My experience went farther than just food. I let go of toxic people in my life, unhealthy food, and focused more on what was best for me! It wasn't all about weight loss, it was about being able to "upgrade" my choice of living, and improve my quality of life!

Am I going to claim I will never have sweets again? Hell no, didn't you hear me say that my birthday was tomorrow? Lmbo! I will however develop a system that limits my obsession with processed foods and incorporate a more active lifestyle. As of right now, my label is Vegan/Vegetarian. I toggle between the lines because I sometimes will have an egg, or cheese. Not often, but I do it. I hope you take the plunge to evaluate what YOU want in YOUR lifestyle. I encourage you to do one or all of the detox cleanses and share YOUR experience! I can't wait to hear from you!

Until next time...this is Naturalee Happee after 40 signing off

#health #detoxing #veganfood #vegetarians #alkalinefood #vegan

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