You Can't Pay Bills with "LIKES"

As the Business Revenue Accelerator I give a lot of things away…a LOT!

What if I told you I regularly give away $300 to people who reach out to me? Well it’s true. Every time a business reaches out to me the first thing that happens is a 45 minute assessment call. That call has a value of over $300, but I give it away. Why? Because I need to know where it hurts before I can offer a solution. But 9 times out of 10 – it’s low revenue due to poor sales focus.

This person probably found me based on a success story that they heard or perhaps they heard me speak at an event. Seldom is it because they “liked” my page. The people who like my pages are generally folks that have some type of a connection with me. Perhaps they purchased a copy of “You Lost Me @ Hello: Actionable Principles That Move You Beyond Networking”. Or maybe they have read one of my articles here in Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine or another publication; But I have never been hired based on a “like”.

Your mortgage company doesn’t care how many followers you have - it’s all about the revenue, not popularity. If you don’t know how to connect with your prospects in a meaningful way- and convert those likes into sales, you are leaking money.

It doesn’t matter if you sell widgets (a product) or a service, you must create a system that has your ideal clients coming back for more. Once you have them - don’t let them go!

1. How expert are you?

Why should we choose you? There are a lot of businesses that do what you do. Your secret sauce is the way that you do it. So, tell your story, share your brilliance, become the go-to person; the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in whatever it is that you do. Write articles, go on or Facebook Live. Don’t wait to be discovered- get on the campaign trail.

2. What is your upsell?

Ever buy a phone? Or a hamburger? They hit you with the upsell: earbuds, fries, etc. If you don’t create a follow up, or a relationship with a strategic partner that complements your product/ service. You will be forever on the hunt, and that means you have less time to enjoy the wins. Don’t burn your most valuable asset (time) by constantly looking for business. If you wanted to work that hard for so little, you could have kept your J.O.B. You need a system.

3. Who is selling for you?

Every satisfied customer is an ambassador for you. Never let a deal go by without getting a written, audio, or video testimonial. Take lots of photos to include on your website or blog posts. And who will see them? All of their peers and peeps. Free advertising!

You can’t pay bills with likes…

Convert those followers to customers. I know you probably would rather they just come to you and beg you to take their money. And perhaps some will. But not enough to help you reach your full potential.

Try this test:

Write your revenue goal for next month. Not the sales goal- the take it home goal. How many sales do you need to make to reach that goal? Don’t lower the goal to make it easier- that is not only “settling” its cheating yourself of profits.

Track the numbers: Events you attend, emails you send out & the appointments you hold (not schedule but actually go to). If you need a tracking sheet - let me know.

At the end of the month you will see a direct correlation between your true effort and your profit.

If you want to change your revenue you have to change the way you sell.

Oh, you hate to sell? I have something for that too.

Schedule a call with me at: and as a Thank You I will give you my “Sales for People Who Hate to Sell” training.

Let me help you to help yourself. Remember popularity won’t cut it with bill collectors- Popularity, likes and followers are not enough for you as a business’s owner or entrepreneur to make it big where it really counts and that is all the way to the bank. Boost your sales and boost your revenue!

This article was originally published in July 2016 issue of Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine.

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