Get Tough...Mentally Tough

Let me talk to you….Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur. Let me tell you something that is going to be true for you from this day forward as business owner. Are you ready? Here it is. The best thing you can do for you and your business is to get mentally tough. Get so mentally tough that nothing or no one will ever deviate you from the journey you are on. When it’s your business, the buck stops with you. You are the face and heart of everything and your mindset will determine whether you fail or create a true legacy for your family.

You see, you set yourself a part from the pack the moment you decided to go against the traditional “get a job” thought process of 98% of the people you encounter. And to keep yourself moving forward and going against the flow of most of those in your life, you will need to be mentally tough. So my advice to you while you are doing the practical day to day work that your business requires, create a game plan to strengthen your mind to slay all the dragons ahead. Here are a few things I suggest.

First, guard your mind. Protect it at all costs. Stop watching television programs that pollute your thoughts. Separate yourself from negative people who bring you down. Remove yourself from situations that don’t empower you. Eliminate anything that doesn’t aid you in being your best and most powerful self.

Second, seek empowerment. Read books that educate you on your craft. Surround yourself with others that have a similar vision and have a positive attitude. Seek activities that stretch you and require you to get outside your comfort zone. Fill your thoughts with information that builds you up and makes you better.

Third, take positive action. Make the tough decisions. Take a chance on yourself and your ideas. Do more than what you set out to do and challenge yourself to do something that seems impossible. Be who you know you were created to be.

These three steps are just the beginning of a life long journey to create a business and legacy that will fuel dreams of many generations after you. But when you take these steps seriously and make a concerted effort every day to be the master of your mind, you will become mentally tough enough that you will also become the master over your life. Remember this, if you want the champion’s reward, you have to be willing to fight the champion’s fight. Fellow entrepreneurs, I’ll see you on the battlefield.

This article was originally published in June 2016 issue of Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine.

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