Inspired by her Daughter, Louisiana Author Releases Her Debut Children’s Chapter Book!

How many times have we heard a princess story in which the princess was dainty, beautiful and without a flaw? Or a story in which the princess is soon transformed into their "true" beauty. Well why can't a girl be beautiful the way she is without having to be transformed? These questions were asked by Louisiana author, Joy Williams, whose daughter Lauren believed she could no longer become a princess because she wore glasses. Lauren informed her mother that none of the other princesses on t.v. wore glasses. Her daughter's remark inspired Joy to show her she can become whatever she wants, as long as she believes in herself. Just like Joy’s daughter, in her debut book, Olivia and the Land of Extra-Ordinary, Olivia faced that same challenge - a desire to be something amazing. Unfortunately, she also thought a physical attribute would prevent her from being that very thing because society said it wasn’t so. In her book, Olivia embarks upon an unexpected journey in a land much different from the one she knows. After befriending some not so ordinary creatures and people to help her find her way home, she learns that being different isn't so bad after all, it’s Extra-Ordinary!

Joy is a wife and mother to three girls. Knowing what it's like to have once been a young girl herself, Joy understands that many girls would like to change something about the way they look or feel the pressures from outside influences to look a certain way. Her debut book teaches young girls that they are princesses in their own right and are great just as they are. There is no need to transform into something else for society’s approval. Her book also shows the importance of sisterhood by reminding girls that we are our sister’s keeper and it’s our duty to support, encourage and inspire each other.

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I Am Joy Williams


P.O. Box 65122 Baton Rouge, LA, 70896

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