Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine Gives Black-Owned Businesses a Vibrant New Look!

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Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine will be celebrating the release of the 30th front cover image at their first “Let’s Talk Business: Magazine Showcase & Networking Mixer” on January 5th in Atlanta, Georgia. Detailed information is available on EventBrite.com.

Started as a blog on Tumblr in November of 2013, this monthly business magazine is opening the doors for entrepreneurs of African descent to publish and document their stories and brands. E.O.C. Mag also gives interested and prospective contributors the opportunity to submit an article and be rewarded with a high resolution graphic design image of their article, to keep in their intellectual repertoire.


“Entrepreneur of Color Magazine was created to create opportunities for vibrant entrepreneurs of African descent. So, we plan to create more opportunities, with every step that we take. How we will do that, is by hand selecting past contributors to hire with a retainer to write for E.O.C. Mag as a Columnist. We also plan to hire professional speakers for events. From there, we will pay photographers for event and stock photos.” That’s what Preech The Profit, the Editor-in-Chief, had to say about that question.


Many times when we think of or hear the term, “Black Business”, a very distrusting, skeptical image comes to our mind. The fact of the matter is; we have been trained not to trust each other. It seems like in every movie that’s released in theaters, that has a black person in it, IF it has a black actor or actress in it, they are either a cameo, a maid, a criminal, a whore, a pimp, a gangster, a dead man, or a slave. The educational institutions that we study in mostly teach about the negative things about “Black History.” We owe it to ourselves, as ‘the black community’ to celebrate our victories of the past and today. Well, this is exactly what Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine is doing. The term ‘of color’ explains it’s vibrant look.

The content of Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine is submitted by highly professional and experienced people. Coaches, Consultants, Motivational Speakers, and business professionals, are most of the authors titles behind this beautiful publication. But, not only is the content fulfilling, the graphic design work is just…beautiful. E.O.C. Mag has been compared to the likes of media giants like Ebony, Essence, JET Magazine, and Black Enterprise. Many people have agreed that the appeal of the front cover images are unmatched.

Visit www.EOCMag.biz to Subscribe and/or apply to become a contributor of Entrepreneurs of Color (E.O.C.) Magazine or follow @EOCMAG on social media.

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