From 7 Year Old Boy Scout to 9 Year Old Farmer

Often times young black children are discouraged by their family and friends, when it comes to taking on a life of entrepreneurship. Many black parents have become accustomed to encouraging their children to focus on obtaining a college degree; obtaining and retiring with, a well-paying job. Too often, black people have allowed fear to overcome their passions. It was Marcus Garvey who said, "If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life." But, Te'Lario and his parents are doing all they can to awaken his inner genius!

Te'Lario Watkins II is a 9-year old mushroom Farmer. His idea of a mushroom farm began after a Cub Scout project ended when he was 7 years old. The project entailed growing catgrass and basil and taking care of them daily. When the project was over and winter was approaching, Te'Lario wanted to grow something else. He thought about mushrooms and discussed the idea with his parents. After purchasing a mushroom kit and watching it grow, Te'Lario loved it. His parents purchased different varieties of mushrooms and they all enjoyed growing shiitake and oyster mushrooms the most.

Soon they harvested too many mushrooms to eat, so they began selling them at the local Farmers Markets and a couple of grocery stores and restaurants. Te'Lario began to share his mushroom farm with local TV station morning shows and magazines like Edible Columbus & Columbus Parent. Te'Lario even had a chance to appear on the Steve Harvey Show!

Tiger Mushroom Farms has created two new products from their fresh shiitake mushrooms: dried shiitake & a tasty shiitake & onion soup mix. He hopes to have his shiitake & onion soup mix in stores soon!

Learn more about Te'Lario & Tiger Mushroom Farms at

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