Former President of NAACP Arrested for Allegations of Embezzlement


We are submitting this request for assistance with legal defense and to gain public supports for Ann Spell. Ann is a freedom fighter and former President of the NAACP, and WIN (Women in NAACP) in LaGrange, GA.

Ann was wrongfully convicted of criminal charges in a conspiracy perpetuated by the leaders in LaGrange because she voiced dissent and fought for justice.

Below are the facts of Ann’s case:

  • Ann ran a successful grant writing and community job skills training non-profit business located in LaGrange, GA.

  • In 2010, Ann was approached by Alfreda Hyman, an employee of Troupe Bell, to submit a bid to complete services as a contractor. Troupe Bell is an affiliate of the United Way. Ann bid on and won the contract.

  • Ann provided invoices for her services to Troupe Bell. She was paid for the services rendered via check and sometimes via cash. Her bank statements show the money she received equals the amount billed.

  • In 2016, an internal investigation of Troup Bell, by United Way, revealed that approximately $300K+ of program funds were missing.

  • During the course of the investigation, six people were identified as possible suspects – four (4) white women; and two (2) African Americans, Ms. Hyman and Ann.

  • Biased prosecutors only brought charges against Ms. Hyman and Ann.

  • Ann proclaimed her innocence from the beginning and has never changed her testimony!

  • Ms. Hyman sent text messages to Ann apologizing for “dragging her into this”, and stating that she “has told them [prosecutors] that [Ann] had nothing to do with this”. These statements were never entered into evidence.

  • Ann produced copies of her bank statements and accounting records indicating that she never billed for services she did not do and was never paid for services she did not perform. These records were never entered into evidence.

  • Ann’s attorney encouraged her not to testify during the trial because “we’ve got them where we want them”; yet the jury deliberated less than 15 minutes and rendered a guilty plea.

  • The judge in handing down the sentence of 20 years to serve plus 30 years of probation stated that the reason for his decision was Ann’s “lack of remorse”.

  • We, Ann’s family, identified through several referrals, accomplished defense attorney Ms. Lawanda Hodges, to file the motion of appeal and possibly get Ann a new trial.

  • Ms. Hodges stated her fee is normally $45,000, but is willing to assist Ann for a reduced fee of $35,000.

  • We, the family, have started raising money for Ms. Hodges’ fee. We have raised $4,100 thus far through an online fundraising program called

Based on the above facts, we the family of Ann Spell, request your assistance in raising the funds necessary to exonerate and free our beloved soldier of justice.

Time is of the essence, as we only have weeks to file our appeal. I can be reached at the following email address and cellular number (706) 412-9823. We appreciate any and all help you can provide. Please see the link for details of Ann’s case. If you have any questions, please contact us at the information provided below.


Timmesha A. Burgess


#BlackHistory #georgia

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