8-Year Old Entrepreneur Writes Best Selling Book -- About Her "Annoying Little Brother"

8-Year Old Entrepreneur Writes Best Selling Book -- About Her "Annoying Little Brother"

Here at Black History Enterprises, we take pride in sharing the stories of people of African descent who have accomplished and overcome great things. Just recently we came across a story on BlackBusiness.org about an 8-year old best-selling Author and we had to share!

It all started in the first grade Nia was just in the first grade when, as a class assignment, she wrote about something she was good at -- taking care of her annoying little brother, Ronald Michael. Within two years, Nia turned this assignment into a bestseller entitled, “How To Deal With and Care For Your Annoying Little Brother.” It's now one of the most popular kids books on Amazon, and in addition to doing book signings all over the country, she has also been featured on CBS Evening News, NBC's Harry talk show, and in Stylist magazine. Shout out to mom Nia's mother encouraged her to continue working on her story, even after the assignment was completed. Her story was so amazing because, even though she finds her little brother to be annoying, she teaches the importance of patience, love and kindness. Nia says she actually likes being a big sister, and she hopes her book will teach other kids how they too can be a good older sibling. Even the mayor showed up When people, both young and old, hear about her accomplishments, they are always impressed with this young entrepreneur and author. "Great book for kids," said one reviewer on Amazon. "It really helped my 7-year old learn how to treat her 2-year old brother, and they love reading the book because the girl looks just like my daughter." Even, William A. Bell, the mayor of Birmingham, was so impressed that he took time to attend one of Nia's book signings. For more details about Nia Mya Reese, follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/niamyareese or buy her book on www.Amazon.com

Watch her interview on CBS Evening News:

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