E.O.C. Mag Plans to Publish Special Edition for Young Black Entrepreneurs

As most adults know, the term Black Person or African-American refers to a descendant of the people who, in ancient times, predominately lived on the continent we now know as Africa. What is known as “The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade” and “The Jim Crow Era” played a big role in the coining of these terms. Chattel slavery in America is documented as one of the worst forms of human enslavement and brutality in recorded history. Yet, despite constant attempts to marginalize the influence of black people in various parts of the world, African descendants all over the world have accomplished many great things.

It is often said and agreed that the children of today are the future leaders of tomorrow. So, we must wonder...what is the future for the children of Africa? Are you or do you know a young black entrepreneur 19 years of age or younger who has a great story to tell? Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine (E.O.C. Mag) is looking for those future leaders to feature in a special edition set to be published on Jan. 1st, 2018. E.O.C. Mag is a monthly publication based in the West End area of Atlanta, GA, where it can be purchased from 5 different distribution locations.

“We would like to give away 50 hard copies of this special edition of E.O.C. Mag in various locations in the Atlanta Metro area.”, says Preech The Profit, Founder & Editor-in-chief of E.O.C. Mag. Visit blackhistoryent.com to enter yourself or a child for this opportunity to receive a 2-page interview. The deadline to submit is October 31st. Limited space is available.




675 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Ste 3118

Atlanta, GA, 30310

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