The Mindset of a Sales Leader

To experience real financial success in your business, you must have what I refer to as the mindset of a sales leader. That’s right, having the right mindset impacts your ability to sell more of your services, programs and products, as well as, your confidence in raising your fees – one area that offers you the opportunity to increase your bottom line profits, quickly. Your mindset also directly impacts what you think about the value of what you offer.

The mindset of a sales leader is founded in courage and your ability to risk more.

Think of courage as this tiny, tiny, little seed that requires that you water it so it can grow. Your watering your tiny seed of courage means taking risks in your business, doing things you’ve never done before, standing in your greatness and being bolder in every thought and action. So, you’ve got to water it with a little risk, and sprinkle it with more risk and pour more risk on it and at it so that your courage grows and grows and grows.

  • Watering your courage with risk may look like making phone calls to people who have expressed interest in working with you.

  • Watering your courage with risk may look like finally putting your coaching program into the marketplace.

  • Watering your courage may mean standing on the stage and speaking to groups.

I have a plant in my bedroom I kept when my father passed away more than 10 years ago. Now, I don’t have a green thumb at all. I’ve been able to keep that plant alive for such a long time because when it starts to droop, I water it. I don’t water it before it droops. I don’t water until it starts to droop. I water it at just the right time. I just know when to water it. As a result, it’s continued to grow and readily overflows from the pot.

I love this quote by 19th century poet and essayist, E.E. Cummings: “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

Watering your courage means stepping out to assume the risk to grow your courage and become the sales leader you were meant to be.

The mindset of a sales leader is designed for authenticity.

Most people think that selling means that you become someone different for selling to be successful. That can’t be any farther from the truth. Selling should be an extension of your own authenticity, values and identity.

Look, I’m an extrovert: I’m highly social. I love connecting with people and talking and sharing and growing. I was the same way as a child. If you ask people in the neighborhood where I grew up, they’ll tell you I was always visiting and ready to chat whenever I saw them.

Today, that same gregariousness shows up in my selling conversations, too. And, my clients love me for it!

Selling is transformational not transactional.

You’re cultivating a relationship with your client. That means you’re making deep connections that will last far beyond what she bought from you or what you sold her. Authenticity is at the heart of the transformational relationship you’re creating.

For example, I have clients who have ultimately become friends – very good friends, I’ll add. It’s because beyond that transaction, our relationship transformed into a friendship.

Your personality doesn’t change just because you’re in a selling conversation. In fact, your personality makes your selling conversations easier and far more authentic.

The mindset of a sales leader is focused on bold understanding of your assignment.

You were born into this world with certain gifts. Your gifts are uniquely suited for you to serve your most ideal clients. And, your most ideal clients can only receive the gift of your service from you. Your most ideal clients are waiting on you to show up to inspire, direct, guide and serve them, specifically. That’s your bold assignment.

When you understand your bold assignment, you’ll understand why failure is never an option because your ideal clients are counting on you to win so they can win, too. That is SO empowering!

The mindset of a sales leader is overflowing with compassion.

This is what I know: People in the transformation industry like, coaches, speakers, trainers, consultants, thought leaders, entrepreneurial leaders and service-based business owners, love to give and selling is an extension of that giving. It boils down to how much care for your most ideal clients and how far you’ll go to serve them more fully.

Your ability to sell more reflects your deepest caring for your clients. The more you care, the more you want to serve (I mean, sell) to support your clients.

The mindset of a sales leader is rich in value.

As a sales leader, it is your job to share value with your clients. Value looks like listening, deeply to what is said and unsaid so that you’re able to support your client inside of that selling conversation. It’s knowing what to say to challenge your clients in the face of the fears that surface when it’s time to buy from you. It’s understanding the appropriate time to create shifts and breakthroughs for your client inside of a selling conversation.

You can create value just from how you show up in that selling conversation!

Do, you have the mindset of a sales leader? If not, today is a great day to shift your mindset so you can create transformation for your clients and impact your bottom line profits at the same time.

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