Atlanta Children’s Kwanzaa Sparks Great Anticipation and Excitement

photo credit: Shakeesha Semone

Kwanzaa is one of the fastest growing holidays for Black people in the country. Yet despite it’s relevance of empowerment for the Black community, many people, especially children, still don’t know much about it. The holiday was created by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966 to assist in the re-establishment of the culturally foundational principles that are the building blocks for revitalizing all aspects of the Black community. The holiday takes place from December 26-January 1. These seven days focus on seven different principles (Nguzo Saba) written in Kiswahili. The first principle is Umoja, which means Unity. The second is Kujichagulia, which means self-determination. The third is Ujima, which means collective work and responsibility. The fourth is Ujamaa, which means cooperative economics. The fifth is Nia, which means purpose. The sixth is Kuumba, which means creativity. And last, but certainly not least, is Imani which means faith.

A Kwanzaa table is set up with a kinara (candle holder), mishumaa saba (7 candles consisting of 3 red, 1 black, 3 green, the muhindi (ears of corn to represent the children), the mazao (fruits representing the community's productivity), kikombe cha umoja (unity cup), and the mkeka (the woven mat to put everything on). Zawadi (Gifts) are also given to the children and family, often handmade or crafted. Candles are lit each day as the corresponding principle is highlighted and celebrated. On the sixth day, there is an awesome feast to look forward to called the Karamu.

Although these principles are, of course, for the entire family. It is key that these philosophies and traditions be passed forward as a way of life for the youth. After all, they are the ones that will determine the future change and progress that will take place in the Black community.

The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Institute, which is internationally known for their incredible work in supporting and educating Black parents, educators, and homeschoolers, as well as providing culturally relevant resources and opportunities, has love-crafted a phenomenal event especially for children, with the certainty that this experience will give Black children a chance to experience Kwanzaa at it's fullest and inspire cultural excellence in a way that is fun, exciting and unforgettable!

“Our children need activities that promote their greatness and make them feel excited about who they are and the rich history they come from. Entertainment should always be edutainment. And what we have put together is the most amazing kaleidoscope of fantastic fun, powerpacked with a mighty purpose, so everyone walks away fulfilled on all levels. Families will feel refreshed and motivated through the soulful connection with other like minded people who care about the future of our children.” Queen Taese, Founder of The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Institute says with an elated voice of passion.

The Children’s Watoto Kwanzaa Jamboree will take place on Saturday December 30, 2017 from 2pm-7pm at The Omega World Event Center 3951 Snapfinger Pkwy Decatur, Georgia 30035. There will be great music, food, and vendors as children celebrate and learn about Kwanzaa while meeting other young people. The event will feature a multitude of incredible experiences such as Afrikan Dance and Drumming by Holistic Arts Dancers, The Nzuri Youth Drummers, the Moko-Jumbie stilt walkers, remarkable STEAM activities by Ronnie Thomas of Fun Weird Science, Kwanzaa games and arts & crafts, a presentation by the children of Roots to Fruits Black Homeschool Excellence and the students of Each One Teach One, Facepainting, Storytelling, Children’s Yoga by Indigo Vibes, award winning author Akua Agusi, and so many more goodie and surprises. Children will also have the chance to meet Bino and Fino Live, which are the characters from the world’s fastest growing African animation series.

For more information or registration, visit, email, or call 678-368-8593. Children are Free!

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