Embrace Your Career Journey


There’s a quote that says happiness is not a destination, but the journey and it’s a very accurate quote. Finding your purpose career wise is a similar experience. We all have to make money to survive and for some, that’s where life ends, the daily struggle to survive, a never-ending cycle of working to pay to live. Passions and dreams are put aside in the attempt to provide stability and nourishment for ourselves and the ones we love.

Someone said that your salary is what they pay you to forget your dreams, I couldn’t have said it any more accurately myself. We all have a purpose; a mission in life. The thoughts and dreams you tell yourself aren’t possible, or are too big for little ole you, they’re fully realizable if only you’re willing to believe they are.

There are no road maps to success in life, nor is there an age limit. Some of the most successful inventors, creators and business owners, didn’t even start their career until the age of 35 or older. When I was a teenager, I knew nothing except I wanted to write and help people. I knew I belonged in front of a room talking and helping, I had no clue if I’d ever achieve my goals, in fact, the odds were against me.

Here, I was, like everyone I knew, getting up too early every day to go to a job I didn’t really like, to work hard for $12.50 a hour plus benefits. I had worked my way up the ladder from secretary to administrative assistant and had my eye on the executive assistant position, which would mean a pay increase.

The floor bottomed out on me however, my job suddenly filed bankruptcy and all of us employees in all 13 branches found out of a job. When the job had been good, in my free time I had started to play around on this new website called Myspace, it was 2006 and the new social media platform was taking over. In my depression after my job ended, I started to spend more time on Myspace working on the persona I had created


I started to gain popularity for something that wasn’t really me but I figured it was better than slaving for pennies. Over the years I switched interests and careers multiple times while staying self-employed. Everywhere I went, I told people my job title but added that I was really a writer. It was six years later when someone started to pay attention to my writing.

I had never stopped writing even though no one had a real interest, so when people did start to notice it I had a large archive waiting for them. In 2012, my first magazine article was published. In 2014, I was offered my first monthly column. As to today, I am currently writing for 6 magazines monthly or bi-monthly as well as freelancing regularly, I’m a paid blogger, a published author and motivational speaker.

The question I get asked most often is “how did you transition and end up with your dream job?” I tell people I didn’t transition, people’s view of me did. Though my career journey started off with me as a secretary and led to me modeling, running a talent promotion business, becoming a web designer and eventually a magazine columnist, author and blogger, it all happened the way it was meant to.

I didn’t become a writer, I was a writer all along, even if I was the only one who believed it, I never stopped writing. The piece of advice I find myself repeating to new entrepreneur after new entrepreneur is that there is no right way to get to your dream life, you just have to be willing to embark on the journey.


Written by:

Melony Hill, Author & Entrepreneur Stronger Than My Struggles

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