An Uplifted Workplace Begins with an Inspired You


There is nothing like a good ‘ole dose of inspiration to get your soul churning, attitude glowing, spirit leaping, and creativity flowing at the beginning of your day. Inspiration can be derived from a myriad of persons, places or things surrounding our lives whether it’s a book, a flower, a golf course, a friend, a cup of organic tea or ultimately, the promises of God that assures you immense success no matter how many mountains you have to climb to achieve it. Starting our workday off with inspiration blesses us with the strength we need to make it a great one. We all, no matter our profession, income or social status, have an innate need to be inspired, a something to get inspired by and a reason to get inspired!


As a born uplifter, I personally make it a habit to pull the powerful source of inspiration into my being throughout my day. Whether times are smooth or the going is tough, my primary source of inspiration comes from my personal relationships with God and family. As God’s created beings, we have an open invitation to come and humbly lay at His feet or expectantly soak in His loving presence where we can personally refuel while hearing Him speak His promises and instructions to us with regards to our present as well as our future. When the stressful forces of the world drain us, the powerful presence of our Creator God can and will instantly refill us at will! This is crucial to our ability to leave our homes and go about our day on purpose for purpose.

Personally speaking, I’m empowered to recognize and experience the love of God after spending quality time with Him early in the morning. He equips me to not only do my job or given task for the day, but empowers me to do it excellently! When I work with the spirit of excellence, I’m not only being an asset to a corporate vision, but also a blessing to those working towards it along with me. It makes my workday lighter, but as importantly, and my colleagues’ brighter. This is actually a key ingredient to successful working relationship management: having an attitude of clarity and joy that ultimately influences those around you to have the same.

I am intentional, personally and professionally speaking, about surrounding myself with people and things that lovingly lift me up while simultaneously keeping me grounded. For example, I purchase myself fresh flowers weekly and strategically place them in my home or office where I can see and smell them; I have a jubilant conversation with my children, my mother or my sister-friends who can make me laugh or have a cleansing cry; as an avid reader, I keep a stack of books along with the Bible next to my bed for reading at any time; as a water lover, I purchased a water fountain not only as beautiful décor for my bedroom, but also a delightful sound to my ears and spirit. You see, for me to be a conduit of inspiration for others at my home, work or in my community, I must continually be inspirationally uplifted myself. What we leave home with in the morning is what we’ll take to others throughout our day. Have you ever considered this?


An inspired people, is an uplifted people. And an uplifted people are good doses of inspiration pouring down upon the world around them. We are positive influencers and great assets on earth who bring not only a job well done to any company, but a person well liked, if not loved, to its corporate family at large. What a blessing! What employer in their right mind would not want to hire someone with this type of working relationship attitude and lifestyle?


Take a moment to stop what you’re doing and instead to sit down simply to smell the roses while reflecting on how great your Creator has been to you. It doesn’t matter whether you have the job, the things, the money or the business you’d like to have; what does matter is that you’re breathing right now with yet another blessed opportunity to be, to do and to receive a sweet dose of inspiration right where you are that will catapult you to soaring achievement and success. As opposed to murmuring or complaining in the workplace, you’ll no doubt begin to praise God for what He has already done for you and through you. Consequently, you’ll then get inspired for what He is about to do in, through and by you in life. Before you know it, your colleagues will begin rejoicing right along with you. What a priceless profitable workplace this will now be for your and your employer’s/employee’s benefit!

This article was originally published in Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine

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