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It’s the phenomenon that has gotten a foothold on all of media. They are promoted by athletes, actors, singers, chefs, ministers, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc. Podcasting is something that it seems everyone is doing. It is one of, if not the best way to convey a message and have it heard all over the world without the stress that accompanies traditional approaches.

Many people still do radio shows. Some do television shows. And some do cable access, film or performances. Usually they have certain limitations or drawbacks.

Radio can clearly help you spread your message, however, it has an audience limited to those in the tower radius and those your sponsors want to reach. Of course, there is syndicated or Sirius XM radio, but this also can come with quite a cost and can take a long time to even garner such attention from those who want to invest in your content.

Television can also produce a great audience. But this is a finicky medium. Since it is visual, the talent must be appealing to the people who foot the bill, while still bringing great content that can be visually appealing upon delivery. Of course, there is cable access television, but it lacks the audience reach and the large sponsorship. Sponsors can pay more in television, but they must be impressed with what they see, in order to invest in what you deliver to their audience. Both television and radio rely on ratings, which means the audience must reach a certain threshold and maintain it, or they will leave you high and dry.

One of the great ways to reach people is and has always been film. A good motion picture can have people lined up for weeks and bring in a great deal of money and fans. This usually requires millions of dollars to get those results and it is usually a one-shot deal that is contingent upon star power.

But the internet has changed the game. People have been able to build organic audiences and ad-purchased audiences via the worldwide web. With platforms from YouTube to BlogTalk Radio, messages can broadcast all around the world and get the user more exposure than they ever imagined. So, what can possibly be the drawback?

Well, there is the heavy lifting. ‘What is the heavy lifting’, you ask? It is all the work that goes into creating a productive podcast. It is the audio editing, the music inserts, the ad inserts, the timing of the show, the promotional marketing graphics, the marketing ads, the video editing, the podcast platform uploading, the podcast site building, the podcast site hosting, etc. All of these things equate to the heavy lifting that keeps millions of people from starting or maintaining a podcast.

Bring in PodKast Nation. Productivity Expert and Executive To Entrepreneur Consultant, Barrett Matthews has created a way to eliminate the heavy lifting for podcasters and aspiring podcasters. Matthews, the author of the book, Why Didn’t You Get It Done?, wanted to create a way to stop people from procrastinating on their desire to have their own podcast. With PodKast Nation, he has done just that.

PodKast Nation is a Done-For-You system that allows the podcaster to simply be the talent. PodKast Nation has assembled a team of producers, engineers, and editors and tied them together with multiple professional podcasting tools to make the experience seamless for those with a message to deliver.

By recording content and giving it to the executive team of engineers, the podcaster can see their work product morph into a professional broadcast. By allowing PodKast Nation to make them look polished and clean, the podcaster can focus on other revenue generating activities for their business, mission, service or brand. It is easily the best way to be a productive podcaster.

Now, PodKast Nation is not the only system designed to do this for podcasters, but our studies have shown that you will have a hard time finding another system that gives you this experience at such a great value for your investment. Along with all of the features PodKast Nation provides its members, they will also be invited to attend a PodKast Camp that will dig down on making them better at their craft and building their audience. For those who wish to build a podcast and eradicate the heavy lifting that can come with it, the one thing you need to do is join the nation…PodKast Nation.

Written by Dr. Barrett Matthews, Founder of PodKast Nation. Barrett Matthews is also the author of the books, 50 Shade Of Wealth and A Call To Action. And he has had media and broadcasting production experience dating back to 1985.

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