The Poetry Movement Collective
Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine

We, The Poetry Movement Collective, are a group of artists with a strong passion for poetry that feel as if poetry & its powerful force deserves as large of an audience as possible.


Our mission is to introduce new people to the art of spoken word through collaborative events with various forms of entertainment such as music, comedy, modeling, dancing, & many more. 

Our vision is to see the poetry & spoken word markets grow financially in places all over the world though an increase in audience & support, as well as artist & business opportunities. We hope that this will inspire young artists to play a role in or support the growth of poetry & spoken word in communities all over the world. The art of poetry & spoken word has always brought about a peaceful vibe for people & we would like to see it encourage more love & spiritual stability as well as more support from our communities. 

Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine is a monthly publication geared towards spotlighting entrepreneurs and business owners of African descent in an effort to shed light on the many who go unrecognized and unsupported, while providing entrepreneurs with tips and advice to excel their business.


Our vision is to see that establishing this source of media will encourage the reestablishment of a long-lost sense of self-confidence, culture, and community among African descendants around the world and between those we encounter socially and economically.

What's The News

Dedicated to spreading news and information that national news companies & public schools won't tell you about...our mission is to enlighten people all over the world, especially those of African descent by introducing them to valuable tools, resources, and information.


Our vision is that by doing this, the masses of people will be exposed to information that is not commonly shared by mainstream media companies and therefore use this information to learn for themselves and then reach one and teach one.